Product Architecture

Key characteristics of the product architecture are defined as follows:

Hardware & Software Independence

SQL*Partner operates on a variety of hardware platforms, both at the desktop and server. At the desktop, SQL*Partner supports a common look and feel with the following environments:

  • Character Mode
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple Macintosh

Although originally developed to run with the Oracle database management system, new versions of SQL*Partner will provide our clients with the flexibility of using other database management systems, including Informix, Sybase and Microsoft SQL server. Of course SQL*Partner is currently supported on a variety of server platforms including:

  • IBM RS/6000
  • Hewlett Packard 9000
  • Sun Sparc Server
  • Intel-based Novell SuSE Linux Server

Scaleable Client/Server Design

The modular design and "event driven" programming techniques of SQL*Partner were adopted in anticipation of graphical user interfaces and client/server processing. The importance of the design of SQL*Partner had not been fully recognized until the market for client/server technology and graphical user interfaces matured.

SQL*Partner uses a three-tiered client/server model, the same model which is recommended by Microsoft. The three tiered model has become widely supported because it provides complete flexibility in customizing solutions to firm computing resources. As an example, the modular software architecture provides:

  • Client/Server or Host-Based Options,
  • Ability to Select Best-of-Breed Database or Hardware Suppliers
  • Stability in Proven Multi-user Operating System
  • Highest Possible System Performance because Network Traffic is Minimized.

Outstanding Performance

SQL*Partner was designed to support the transaction processing requirements of the most demanding firm. Examples of processing times at our clients sites provide the best insight into the performance characteristics.

One Firm has approximately 150 attorneys, 12,000 matters, and 7,000 clients, and process (prepare for printing) their prebills for the month in less than 10 minutes. Another firm, with over 400 attorneys, processes their prebills in approximately 20 minutes. In the case of the first firm, WIP Detail reports are generated in 8 minutes, and A/R Detail reports are generated in 6 minutes.

Integration of SQL*Partner Applications

The level of integration of SQL*Partner goes beyond the simple sharing of client, matter and attorney codes and names. Examples include:

  • Posting, processing, and billing time in the Time & Billing Module can be controlled by the status of items in the Conflicts Module (passed or not passed conflicts check).
  • Activities scheduled in the Calendar/Docket may be displayed and selected for completion during the time entry process in Time & Billing. When the time is entered in this fashion, activities are marked completed in the Calendar/Docket.
  • Events in the Time & Billing Module, such as Time Entry, Billing, and Cash Receipts may be electronically posted to the General Ledger. And the posting may be user-defined at a variety of levels, including Timekeeper, Area of Law, Office, and Department.
  • The Accounts Payable module uses a voucher to record vendor payment information. General Ledger distribution and client disbursements to WIP are entered through the voucher to provide accurate A/P balances to the General Ledger. Checks may be computer-generated or manually input. Check reversal and check reconciliation are also a part of the Accounts Payable module.

Integration of Windows Desktop

SQL*Partner utilizes the object linling and embedding (OLE 2) protocol developed by Microsoft to automate the exchange of data between SQL*Partner applications and desktop productivity tools such as word processing, spreadsheets and personal calendars. For example, the time entry module can be selected directly from any OLE 2 compliant application from tool palet. Docket entries made into Firm databases can automatically update personal calendars.

Imaging Integration

The economics of imaging technology has reached the point where most law firms require the integration of this technology with records, accounts payable, billing and conflicts modules. SQL*Partner is image enabled and capable of integating with major suppliers of imaging systems. Links to images from within SQL*Partner are, or will shortly be available, at the following points:

  • Billing & Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Docket
  • Records Management

More Info...

SQL*Partner is a modular series of information management software products for law firms. The product is comprised of the following:

The Financial Management Series includes the following Modules:

The Practice Management Series includes the following Modules:


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