Expense Recovery Module

Cost Recovery systems are a very important part of the successful management of a law firm and yet the interface between a Time & Billing system and Cost Recovery Systems is frequently minimized or viewed as an "add-on" application. This has not been the case with WSI and SQL*Partner. The Expense Recovery Module was designed as a unique sub-system to the Time & Billing Module, and it includes the following features:

Retrieval and Storage of Detail

Unlike most interfaces to cost recovery systems, the WSI Expense Recovery Module retrieves detail transactions from the cost recovery systems and stores them on the application server supporting the Time & Billing Module. This gives the system the ability to work with the detail data in a manner unavailable when the data is retrieved in summarized format, as is usually the case with systems of this type.

Two-Way Data Exchange

Client, Matter, and Timekeeper validation information can be extracted and uploaded to the cost recovery systems, and cost detail can be downloaded from the cost recovery systems to the application server.

Reporting and Error Correction

Since the detail data is stored on the application server, it is available for reporting and correction, if necessary. A key feature of the Expense Recovery Module is the ability to edit transactions prior to their movement to the Time & Billing Module. This simplifies the process of identifying or correcting data because the edit function can be distributed to any and all users, and lists of cost transactions can be displayed by such fields as Timekeeper ID or telephone extension. A secretary or timekeeper can then correct or add client and matter codes as necessary which eliminates the process of producing reports and re-entering cost transactions manually.

Automatic Processing

If a cost recovery device supports the two-way exchange of data, WSI will establish procedures to automate, at established intervals, the processing of transactions. Otherwise, the electronic exchange of data may be initiated by an operator or administrator.

User-Defined Update Intervals

The Firm defines the frequency at which the Expense Recovery Module will summarize and transfer data into the Time & Billing Module. Frequencies may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • On Demand
  • Multiple Times within a Day
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

User-Defined Update Levels

Summarization is available in a number of selection criteria including:

  • Date range
  • Matter selection
  • GL or Time & Billing Module.

Historic Reporting & Backup

Historical detail becomes useful if a client disputes charges, or if the court requires detail backup of charges. Detail is maintained on the application server and available for subsequent reporting after transfer.

Telephone Number Cross Reference Table

The Expense Recovery Module includes the ability to maintain a cross-reference table between telephone numbers and client/matter codes, so telephone calls may be charged to clients without the entry of client/matter codes while the call is made.

Multiple System Support

The Expense Recovery Module is designed to support a wide range of cost recovery systems from a variety of vendors. Interfaces are currently available for:

  • Photocopy
  • Telephone
  • FAX
  • Postage Meter
  • Research
  • Express Delivery
  • Electronic Billing

Installed systems exchange data with:

  • Equitrac
  • Danyl
  • Infortext
  • Rolm
  • Meridian
  • Lexis
  • Westlaw
  • Federal Express
  • American Express

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